Hello world!

This is just an occasional blog, depending on the mood. It’s not a writer’s self-promotion vehicle, it won’t be top-heavy with literary latest news, or post any reviews (favourable or otherwise) about my own work. It’s just what it says it is after the B: a log of anything and everything, a public diary – that strange, relatively recent-on-earth creature of the literate world which still is testing itself for its own strength and endurance.  I like ideas, so ideas are welcome from anyone who wants to blog with me. Over and out for now.

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Medea999 is a poet, short-story writer and novelist based in Ireland. She is also involved in a university creative writing programme and over the years has worked in a variety of creative areas including broadcasting, essaying, translation and workshops. She is interested in literature in all its forms, has a special interest in drama, but wonders when female playwrights will take their place within the canon on a critically recognised basis. Beyond a very few women writing in Ireland today, it’s still less common to see work by women performed on stage. However, that’s another day’s work – a long day’s work at that, and I’m up for discussing virtually anything that concerns us all as artists.

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