LAIB’S POLLEN, Hirschhorn Museum.

This video is worth checking out. The whole exhibit is made from pollen – nothing but pollen. The light emanating from the piece is magical. I discovered it when reading a poem by Deena Linett in the Near East Review, Vol 2, No 1, 2002, in which she describes the effect viewing this piece had on her – and her work as a poet. She then actually reproduces a couple of early drafts of the poem that resulted from the experience. This is interesting also, because we don’t often get to see one another’s early drafts. It’s encouraging to see how a poem develops from scratchings in the dust and becomes something quite different. Not that I mean that – ‘scratchings in the dust’ –  because there’s usually a spark to an early draft which sustains the poem as it evolves. In any case, any of you who are interested in the way light affects space, and what we can do to make our spaces ‘light’, might be interested in this fabulous yellow. Just cut and paste (I think)  the link below and it will bring you to the Hirschhorn direct.



One thought on “LAIB’S POLLEN, Hirschhorn Museum.

  1. Hi Mary, I’d love to see this work, but the URL is incomplete, and the link won’t work (I guess some vandal took the handle!). This blog’s brilliant. Thank you. Alice

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