About A Woman? Mary, Elizabeth, Eugenie . . .

So here’s the info. WordPress tells me I should update it. It’s difficult telling the little things about yourself, letting the scraps leak out here and there. To start with names: okay – I was supposed to be christened Elizabeth, way back in the mid-Fifties, but was born in a Marian Year, and ended up becoming Mary, with Elizabeth kicked into second position ever after. Then along came Confirmation at the age of nine, and my mother persuaded me to go for Eugenie (over Frances), a good name, she insisted, and there had been many fine Eugenies apparently.

Poet, short-story writer, novelist, creative writing teacher, occasional journalist – those are the bones of my doings. I believe in things like hard work, research, discipline, working on behalf of one’s work rather than one’s ego (although the two may – in the case of artists – be inextricably entwined).

For the first time in many years I feel I have no major worries. Isn’t that just marvellous? – so marvellous, in fact, that I feel it essential to put it into any mini-pic of me and where I’m coming from. What it implies then, is that I feel great freedom to get on with life and work out the path – whatever it is – that I find myself on. Sometimes that’s crystal clear, but at other times it ain’t one bit, and I’m calling for Specsavers!!


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